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Sender ID


SMS Sender ID is the identity through which the message is sent. It is a character name which your outgoing SMS will be sent and it appears at the top of the text message conversations. It is possible that you create your business sender ID after reading the regulations and standards and obligated to them which SMS.CC and its carriers need to comply with.

  • Sender ID must be in English and it can be alphanumeric with a character limit of 11.
  • Special characters allowed in sender ID are only: space, dash, dot, underscore.
  • Default,generic and mobile phones sender IDs are prohibited by Kuwait operators and not allowed to be registered.
  • Only hot lines like 18xxxxx are allowed to be registered with a proof that the line belongs to the client.
  • SMS can be sent 24 hours without limitation.
  • Companies’ clients must provide an official NOC (No Obligation Certificate) taking into the account the below points:
    • Be aware that sender ID must be linked with the company's name/services/products.
    • A company can whitelist the sender ID only if it acknowledges that all its traffic through the sender ID will be transactional & non promotional messages, in this case messages will be delivered to blacklisted numbers.
    • Sending marketing traffic over whitelisted sender ID will lead to block it and Kuwait operators will blacklist the company and client cannot register sender IDs in future.
  • Kuwait Sender ID validity will be per year, and registration’s duration is within 2 working days.
  • Sender ID fees: 10 KD annually.
  • A client will be provided with the ready NOC, therefore, fill the below Sender ID letter with your detail.

Sender ID Letter Form: Click here



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